The vision of blacksoleheeling

“Learn how to convert everything into an instrument of liberation.”

-Baba Dr. John Henrik Clarke

BlackSoleHeeling, was created in 2017 after the visionary, Don’Nika, experienced a dark depression due to discrimination while pursuing her doctoral degree. To combat this phenomenon, she decided to create a social media initiative for marginalized communities who experience the psychological effects of discrimination. And just like that, the BlackSoleHeeling social media initiative was birthed. Almost 2 years later, we have developed into a business structure so that we can continue to serve communities through education, advocacy, and service. Since 2017, we have consistently offered free online mental health courses, individual counseling sessions, plant-based physiological healing also support groups for our clients. All of our services are dedicated to helping our clients to overcome the trauma associated with racism and discrimination. All services can be accessed online but as we move into this new year, we need a new experience for our clients. Our desire is to transition BlackSoleHeeling from a virtual platform to a physical location to create the sanctuary needed for the client BlackSoleHeeling experience. 

As we transition from our online platform, we are seeking financial blessings to create this sanctuary for our clients. This physical interaction will increase the BlackSoleHeeling experience and this is what we need in order to continue to offer therapeutic services. We know that we are worthy of this transition and we ask that you sow into our business as we continue to address the severe psychological impact of racism and discrimination.

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