The Importance of Ka (Soul)

Over the past few years, I have been wondering “what’s going on with our people?” What are we missing, where is our flavor? So often, in many functions, I have asked this very important question, as it is disturbing my practice as a healer and practitioner. Functioning in my capacity, I realize that parts of our spirit have been “removed, remodeled, and refashioned” into what we feel is “the right way of living.”

Meanwhile, our Ka is diminishing faster than we can imagine. Our lives have been toiled since our enslavement and we are no longer in tune with our true calling as Meleanated human beings. We have exchanged our human nature for materials. The materials that are indeed only “materials, not meant for consumption but meant for corruption. We have traded our Ka (soul). We have traded our very essence, our very being for things that devalue and defile our temple.

The recognition of this is what caused me to go on my own search for where my Ka (soul) lies. What feeds our soul is what exposes our vulnerability. Our brokenness shines light on our current exit plan. Our exit plan is weather the storm of exposing our very essence. Which is learn that the experience of emotion is more than just transition but its our opportunity to learn ourselves, day in and day out. This is how we reclaim our mental health, this is how we reclaim a culture thats meant to enhance future generations.

We need to reclaim, our very essence, our very being…! We have created a self exercise that will begin your process of reclaiming and reconnecting to your “Ka/Soul.”


Your soul’s work is not to help others but its to release yourself from yourself. To go on a journey and search for your soul’s purpose. This is how you restore your Ka/Soul

Click the link below in order to access your self-exercise for restoring your Ka/Soul!

The Essence of your Ka




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