The Black Mental Health Revolution


Collectively as a Black culture, we are receptors of cultural messages of oppression through main stream media. Daily, we witness the degradation of black and brown bodies of our brothers and sisters being policed and marked by recycled narratives of aggression, anger, and social unrest. But on 2.15.18, the narrative of our culture shifted, producing the catalyst needed to transcend the minds of black and brown bodies all over the globe. Just in 5 days, the Black Panther revolution has reconstructed recycled narratives of oppression attributed to blackness.

The immediate embrace of this form of black excellence breathes a sense of fresh air into the lungs of enclaves of our people across the diaspora. Stimulating thoughtful conversation regarding racial identity, defying the lies of white superiority and redefining the psychology of the oppressed. The Black Panther movement has swept the world into a frenzy by making history through highlighting the social issues evident within the diverse microcosm of Black folk. Giving the Black community permission to reclaim their thoughts, feelings, and actions related to the survival of their mental state. The power of the Black Panther has revolutionized the defining feature of “Being Black in America today.” From a cognitive behavioral framework, this shift is known as a “reframe.” From a psychodynamic object relations framework, we coin this phenomenon as “reparenting.”

As a collective, our attachment of Blackness is often times viewed through a lens of labels gained overtime. Whether it be light-skinned, dark-skinned, aggressive, angry, uneducated, or inferior, the consistent relabeling of our bodies over time has caused internalizations that can only be undone by a parent other than white superiority. The Black Panther revolution is the new parent we have been searching for to develop our sense of pride in ourselves, our strengths, and abilities to survive in a world that is desperate in attempts to kill our culture: while simultaneously appropriating our cultural values. This is the solution to the collective Renaissance we need to reprogram our intrinsic conceptualization of our own mental health preservation.

This Black Renaissance aids in seeing the beauty of our heritage and redefining Black excellence in the year of 2018. The radical Black Panther movement is our Black mental health reformation. This film transcends the fragmented sense of Blackness into a redefined message of preeminence into Black lives across the diaspora. For this redefined message of mental representation liberates the souls of Black folk. In concluding, as the resurgence of the Black Renaissance begins, our current and future generations relationship to optimum mental health are dependent on the mental representations of all the glory our Blackness embodies as we soulfully walk the earth.

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