Tending to your garden of life

This life is a journey

A majestic experience

Bountiful of emotion

Plentiful in pain

Plentiful in Blessings

Plentiful in Reminders of Who I Am

It seems like with every trauma, with every scar comes another piece of myself coming together again. It’s like a transformation within each tear I cry. I feel like my tears are watering my soul for growth. Growth not perfection. Not success, not money, not love. But pure growth through maturity. And as I mature I find deeper love for myself that liberates my roots buried in guilt, shame, embarrassment. I learn to turn my mistakes into moments of gratitude. Being thankful that I did not go to far without catching myself. Be thankful that I still have a opportunity to have an experience of Heaven on earth because when you’re going through Hell there is no sense in stopping. 

So cheers to walking out of hell into my healing 🙌🏾

Be blessed BlackSoleHeeling, LLC fam ❤️🙌🏾

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