“Melanin and Flow”-Mark Biggs

“Melanin and Flow” is dedicated to highlighting individuals within our community that are dedicated to overcoming the stigma associated with mental health and wellness. This segment highlights their experience, essence, and their ability to embrace the “ebb and flow” associated with maintaining their relationship with their mental health. BlackSoleHeeling, LLC honors these individuals and their dedication to “Mental Health for the Culture.” We salute these individuals and their willingness to share and continue to fight the stigma associated with mental health within the Black community.”


What’s up y’all, my name is Mark Biggs. I am a rapper and artist, I’ll be sharing the “Story of 3 traumas.”

There’s a reason for everything. In my adult life I’ve come to terms with the fact that there are times when you should just let a situation fix itself. As a youth I thought my father being absent was a terrible thing, my mother suffered from depression and borderline bipolar disorders (she is still in denial), while growing up she would spank us for some of the smallest reasons. My siblings and I would constantly plead to live with our father, but he didn’t show up until we were late teenager. By the time I was 14 years old I had learned why God was protecting me from my father, he was worse than my mother, he was both physically and mentally abusive. He beat my sister badly, so badly that at the age of 28 years old she is still traumatized, and she has been incarcerated 3 times for Domestic Violence. I myself have been arrested and convicted of Domestic Violence, even though I did not physically harm the young lady. My brother who is homosexual endured viscous abuse from my father, he would try to beat the homosexual out of him. I have been abused (1), incarcerated (2), shot at and stabbed (3), at times I don’t know how I mentality am still functioning.


BlackSoleHeeling, LLC response to Mark’s Story

We were so moved by this story that we offered Mark a response to his “Story of Three traumas.” Here is our response below (Please feel free to comment with your positive thoughts as well)

Wow, King your story of trauma is very powerful. I believe your question at the end of your submission is key. “Mentally how are you still functioning? and your answer is what you stated “letting a situation fix itself.” The generational cycles experienced within the family system are so strong because often times we relive the past lives of our ancestors. Some may find it hard to believe but the energy of domestic violence is difficult to escape especially if you are unsure of how to treat it. I applaud your ability to be reflective of your experience for thats what you will continue to need to move forward. Your story of resilience is moving and I would love to feature you in the Melanin and Flow mental health segment.

In addition to this, I would love to feature your business, music within your submission as well. I would like to highlight how you’ve utilized your music as a balm to the pain you’ve experienced over your life.
I appreciate your openness and I hope that this experience is liberating for you as you continue on the road to preserving your mental health.
“Black Mental Health Matters and to continue to end the stigma, we need to continue to have dialogue about what is occurring within our collective culture. This is mental health for our culture and we will continue to share and discuss the issues relevant to transcending narratives of degradation within our culture. If you are interested in submitting your story email us contact@blacksoleheeling.com”

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