Depression is a label…not a outcome.

“We never forgive others, only ourselves for having judged them.”

The year 2018 has been rough to many of us. To be honest, my year of transformation began in 2015 during this time, I started to evolve through a series of painful events. I mean, I have been more than just disappointed during these 3 years, I feel like I was trying my hardest to live my truth but I always reached a barrier. Each time, I made a stride towards a life goal, I hit brick wall. Consistently hitting these brick walls resulted in a long-standing experience of depressive symptoms.

I clearly make this distinction because I cannot label my experience with a diagnosis because that is not my truth. My truth is, over the course of 3 years, I encountered individuals who were no good for me or my destiny. I encountered individuals who cared more about their personal gain versus mentoring me within my career. I encountered people who were users, only interested in advancing themselves. Needless to say, my depressive symptoms weren’t because of others but because of my perception of others. In life, we are taught to network, connect with others who can help you. But people who can help you often exploit you if you are not careful. If you are not careful, then you can easily end up in a lower vibration, which in essence comes from others who are in a lower vibration. Your frequency determines you’re vibration.

Because I am a synergy individual, I understand now that my inner-gy was being compromised so that I could fulfill the vibrating frequency of my lower self. I unknowingly compromised my energy in exchange for goals, people, and places that were contributing to my demise. As a result, I experienced deep dark depressive symptoms, in which my therapist labeled as Major Depressive Disorder. Not only did I disagree with this label, I rejected this on my life because I didn’t believe this to be true about myself.

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