What does "black" soleheeling Mean?

Healing and Wellness according to the BlackSoleHeeling philosophy relates to restoring communities of color back to their natural state of serenity, stability, and mental wellness. We utilize virtual mental health counseling that integrates ancestral, spiritual, psychological, and transformational interventions in order to bring individuals back to their own understanding of "self."As we are inspired by the color of "black" we understand that mental wellness is a culmination of depth and variation. BlackSoleHeeling, LLC utilizing depth and variation socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Utilizing the strength of this color, we rebuild those who are torn down, marginalized, and oppressed.

our passion

BlackSoleHeeling, LLC is dedicated to spreading the importance of mental health and wellness within communities of color.

OUR Purpose

Our purpose is to heal our community “one step at a time.” Rooted in our history and grounded in gratitude, we serve our community endlessly to facilitate psychological healing.


Our process is collective, while yet meeting your individual needs. We focus on 4 components: emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical. Through transcending these 4 areas in your life, we help you to “heal your soul, one step at a time.”