even a journey of a
million miles starts with
one step

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We merge spirituality and mental health together to help you to heal your soul, one step at a time.
DonNika D. Jenkins
Visionary/BlackSoleHeeling Therapist

Complete care on your schedule

100% HIPAA Complient
Highly Trained Counselors

With time and practice comes great wisdom. We have invested much time into our craft. A difference you will notice.

Advanced Tactics

We continue to learn as we practice, continuing to find ways to touch, feel, and analyze the needs of each and every person.

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee that we will NOT quit and as long as you don't you will see results and gain tools to chop away at life's issues.

Modern Approach

These are new times, with new problems, and we must take a NEW approach to healing.

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Healing the soul One Step at a Time

Creating vibrant energy that spreads from one person to the next.
William, North Carolina

“I gained the courage to face the truth that has trailed in my path for many years. This truth has hunted me in my dreams both day and night. I have finally gained the tools needed to heal from the inside out. 

Rhonda, ATL

“Therapy has no color boundaries as life’s problems doesn’t. Talking to someone, especially a Clinician trained help resolve issues, Thanks BSH!”

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