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BlackSoleHeeling, LLC was created on May 31, 2017 to educate communities of color through advocacy, education, and holistic mental health. We are dedicated to supporting our community through the gift of communication. Our vision is to offer healing for the soul, one step at a time.
We have great news in 2019, we will be moving into our physical BlackSoleHeeling Sanctuary. To help us, feel free to donate to our “BlackSoleHeeling Building Fund.”


we are always accepting new clients!

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Melanin and Flow is dedicated to highlighting individuals within our community who are resilient in overcoming issues related to mental health!  We are excited to share stories of everyday individuals who are working hard at maintaining their mental health. Are you interested in being featured in our Melanin and Flow Segment EMAIL us your story to contact@blacksoleheeling.com and we will feature you on our website.

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black sole Heeling Building fund


We are creating a physical sanctuary and holistic hub headquartered in Southern Maryland to expand our virtual efforts. The mental health and wellness facility will stand as symbol of the importance of how much mental health matters while healing the body, mind and soul, one step at time.
5000 donations of just $13 equals $65,000 reasons why Mental Health Matters.
Helping Us Build Helps Us Heal